CHAGRA CUP is a unit that specializes in providing all types of individual and collective protection which provides protection , hygiene ans security of personal and your local, it is intended to factories, hospitals, hotels, ans all the public and private institutions.

We offer a diverse range of products that provides ideal protection for many applications :
Hearing, respiratory anti-gas and visual.
Our articles are as follows :

  • Work clothes : cloth or disposable.
  • FOOTWEAR : Civilians and security
  • Protection Of The Body : ( Helmet, headlamps, Caps, Goggles (3M), Gloves(Leather, Cotton, Synthetic Fivres, PVC, nitrile)…)
  • Fall Protection : ( Safety harnesses, fall arrest devices , Guardrails and safety nets, anti-slipcoatings… )

You can mark your company name on all media in embroidery or screen printing.